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Has the media lost it’s focus?

Patrice Cloutier in his Crisis Comm Command Post blog Hurricane Irene’s social media aftermath identifies the very point that irked me as I followed media coverage of Hurricane Irene…the media’s approach to the mayor of New York’s emergency preparedness initiatives. He would have been dammed if the storm had N.Y City with its full force; as not having done enough to ‘save the city’. As you rightly note, this was no “dud” of a storm.

News outlets seem to follow some common rule book for reporting natural disaster events…reporter bares the storm to get the word out…with little innovation or insight.

Media need to reassess their approaches and their fundamental role in society. To continue to only play to the lowest common denominator ‘sensationalism’ does the public no service, for it only distorts the reality of human efforts to mitigate a natural disaster.
I look forward to results of your post event investigation.

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