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October 9, 2014 1 comment


Here’s an emergency response team that is keeping with our times of social media and instant communications when people need information most.

CanVost is building a Canadian coast-to-coast-to-coast network of emergency managers, first responders and volunteers that can help gather virtually and assist emergency management organizations, municipalities and agencies (such as the Red Cross, 2-1-1 and others) when disasters strike.

Key functions include:

  • monitoring social media for reputational threats and enhanced situational awareness
  • engaging on social networks on behalf of, and with the key messaging provided by, the activating agency/organization,
  • acting as liaison with the Volunteer Technical Communities who provide crowdsourcing and
  • crisis mapping support during disasters or exercises (such as Standby Task Force, CrisisCommons and Crisis Mappers).

For more information, join the discussion at PTSC-Online (Partnerships Towards Safer Communities)